Obama on Weed: Hope and Same Tuesday, Jan 28 2014 

President Obama gave an interview to The New Yorker, you know the same interview where he said racism was probably to blame for his falling approval numbers. He was asked about marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington and he answered:

he said of the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington that “it’s important for it to go forward because it’s important for society not to have a situation in which a large portion of people have at one time or another broken the law and only a select few get punished.”

That appears to indicate the Obama Administration is supportive of allowing states to set their own policies on marijuana legalization. Although the Obama Administration has began to walk back those comments we should assume the Obama Administration is willing to consider a sane, rational approach to marijuana.

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Who Has The Best Pizza? Saturday, Jan 25 2014 

I love pizza. To me there is nothing better than the combination of tangy pepperoni, pizza sauce, gooey mozzarella cheese, and crust to put in my mouth. I could have pizza everyday if I could.

With the “Big Game” coming up and being inspired by this article, here’s what I think are the best pizzas from the leading national delivery brands.

1) Papa John’s

I know some people don’t like the sweet sauce, but I do. In fact, I think the sauce makes the pizza. I also like the cheese and toppings. The crust is alright.

2) Dominos

The best part of this pizza is the crust. The crust is flavorful and light. The sauce is tangy but also delicious. The cheese is also good and has a kick to it. The toppings are alright.

3) Pizza Hut

I have not had a chance to try to the new hand tossed pizzas they have come out with. The old crust was thick, but I liked it. The toppings were good, but the sauce and cheese were unremarkable. But my biggest complaint is that the pizzas were too greasy.

4) Little Caesars

The best that can be said about this is that the Hot and Ready is cheap at $5-$6. The sauce is virtually non-existant as is the cheese. The toppings are unremarkable. This pizza is for someone who is too lazy to heat up a frozen pizza and it has the feel and taste of a frozen pizza.

What do you think? Agree or disagree. Sound off in the comments!

The Kelly Thomas Verdict Is An Outrage Saturday, Jan 18 2014 

Most police officers are not murderers. Most police officers are not corrupt brutes on a power trip. Most police officers do their jobs professionally and serve their communities. Not all policemen are thugs who brutalize and murder unarmed people. However Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli are murderers and thugs.

On Monday, both men were acquitted for the murder of Kelly Thomas, a homeless man suffering from schizophrenia. On July 5, 2011; police in Fullerton, CA responded to a call about a man vandalizing cars. Police found a shirtless Kelly Thomas and questioned him. As a video shows the incident grew out of hand, it eventually grew violent.

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Conservatives Cannot Ignore Economic Inequality Friday, Jan 17 2014 

The issue of economic inequality and poverty is shaping up to be a major issue in 2014. President Obama has begun to focus on the issue in order to reclaim the narrative away from the failures of Obamacare and the continuing weak economy.  Newly elected New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has vowed to address that city’s wealth gap.  De Blasio and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren have been characterized by left-leaning commentators as part of a new New Left that is more economically statist than what has been offered by the Democratic Party since the Clinton era.  Democrats believe that they have a winning issue to reclaim Congress in 2014 and win the White House in 2016.  However, Republicans must be ready to confront the issues of poverty and economic inequality, and if they handle this issue in the right way, they can turn it into a winning issue.

The Democrats are answering the issue in their usual time-tested ways: supporting a minimum wage increase because apparently labor costs have nothing to do whether or not a business decides to hire people; extending unemployment benefits even though the stimulus, Obamacare, and Polar Vortices were supposed to create lots and lots of new jobs; the creepy sounding Promise Zones, which is ironic from a man who doesn’t know how to keep a promise; and everyone’s favorite Native American Senator, Elizabeth Warren, wants to raise Social Security benefits because Social Security isn’t going broke fast enough.  The Democrats are falling back on their old approach to poverty: give a man a welfare check and make him a Democrat voter for life.

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New Year’s Resolutions For 2014 Wednesday, Jan 1 2014 

I normally don’t write out a long list of New Year’s Resolutions for the simple fact that I am usually too lazy to do such a thing. However, 2013 was not a great year for me. I see a need to make changes in my life and improve as a person. Also, I admit I was inspired by Bailey Connell’s post on this topic.

So here they are:

1) Pray every day in the morning.
2) Stop being such a negative person and start having a more positive attitude.
3) Stop being so anxious and learn to go with the flow.
4) Stop pushing away the people I care about and the good things in my life. The person this one is directed towards knows who they are.
5) Blog here at least once a week.
6) Write for an outside publication at least once a week.
7) Start finding a way to make some money from my passion for writing.
8) Pray that God will lead me to a church that I can become a part of.
9) Start writing that novel I keep threatening to write.
10) Read at least 2 books a month, either paper or e-book.

Here they are, some steps I need to do to change my life.

Here’s to Happy New Year to you and yours.

Thoughts On The Budget Deal Tuesday, Dec 10 2013 

Congress did something that most people thought was impossible, they did a deal on the budget. It increases spending on defense $32.5 billion and on non-defense by the same amount over two years.

Some quick thoughts:

1) $65 billion in new spending isn’t the end of the world. I don’t like the fact the sequester was partially replaced, however some perspective is needed here. This amount represents what will likely be less than 10% of the deficits over those two years. As long as we are unwilling to deal with entitlements, all we are doing is nibbling around the edges.

2) Fiscal conservatives should be mad at Republicans, but not for the reasons why they think. The GOP House leadership went into the negotiations with the goal of not preserving the sequester, but to eliminate the defense cuts that were a part of it. There will never be any real budget cuts as long as Republicans treat defense spending as sacred. This is what should outrage fiscal conservatives because they were never represented in these talks.

3) The political reality is, Democrats in the Senate and President Obama were never going to sign a budget that kept the sequester intact. Thanks to the beating Republicans took as a result of the idiotic “defund Obamacare” shutdown strategy, Democrats saw an opportunity to undo parts of the sequester. They were also aided by the fact that the GOP caucus is divided on fiscal issues. Finally, Democrats had the weapon of a government shutdown to use on Republicans in order to win concessions.

4) From a governing standpoint, this is a very good deal. First of all, it puts in place a normal budgeting process for the next two years. Secondly, it takes away the threat of a government shutdown which in turn doesn’t make the American government the laughing stock of the world. Finally, it shows that our leaders actually can work together to solve the nation’s problems which will help restore the trust the American people have in their government.

All in all, if fiscal conservatives want a better deal, they need to elect more fiscal conservatives. To expect anything better from a divided government was unrealistic in the end.

The TSA, Nazis, and Blowback Monday, Nov 4 2013 

There is a piece creating a firestorm in the libertarian blogosphere today written by Rachel Burger called LAX Shooting: Now We Know What Blowback Means. In the piece, she argues that the recent shooting death of TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez was an example of the blowback theory. This piece has ignited a firestorm on libertarian social media. I myself was contacted by a media outlet asking my opinions on the piece.

I did not like the piece for many reasons. I thought it was way too soon to try and make political points off this death. I also did not like the Nuremberg Trials reference (more on that in a little bit). I also didn’t like some style aspects of the piece, but I won’t go into that. Finally, while I strongly disagree with the way airport security is handled in this country and do believe there needs to be more emphasis on the dignity of passengers, I do believe that the TSA screening procedures are legal under current law.

Having said all that, Rachel did not compare the TSA to Nazis. At least that was not her intention. Again, I did not like the Nuremberg Trials reference. But here’s the paragraph in question (bold emphasis is mine)

As a Jew, I am consistently reminded of the Nuremberg Trialswhen it comes to the TSA. Those who slaughtered the Jews in the Holocaust were “just following orders,” but that did not mean that they were any less accountable. Just following orders, just doing the job that they signed up for, did not excuse their actions. Of course, the Nuremberg Trials specifically addressed war crimes, but I think that the idea of just following orders extends beyond that. Being an ethical person requires critical thinking about everyday actions, whether commanded or not.

What she was trying to do (albeit poorly) was trying to make the point that obeying orders to persecute their fellow citizens was immoral. Again, although I believe the TSA is not a good example of her point, it is clear she was not comparing Hernandez and other TSA agents to Nazis. She also condemned the killing of agent Hernandez and said it was an unacceptable way to express frustrations with the TSA.

A personal note about Rachel Burger, she is not a violent radical. Like most libertarians, she adheres to the non-aggression principle which rejects violence as a means of political change. She would agree with me that changing the law peacefully through persuading our fellow Americans through the democratic process is the best and only moral approach. I hate that she is being portrayed otherwise.

One last thing, I have to take a little responsibility for this kerfuffle in a way. Five days ago on Twitter, I was (playfully) teasing Rachel about her lack of edginess sort of speak in her writing. She was obviously trying to prove me wrong. If you’re looking for someone to blame, blame me.

Other than that, it is unfortunate if the reputation of such a great writer like Rachel is destroyed over one piece.

Don’t Take Political Advice From Mitt Romney Sunday, Nov 3 2013 

My latest piece at the Free Radical Network

Please check it out!

Confessions Of A Scrooge Thursday, Oct 31 2013 


I hate holidays and I have since before I became a teenager. I also don’t really like my birthday, although the fact that it falls on September 11th is probably the reason why. It really made no difference when I was single or married. I have never been able to get into any holiday spirit.

I am an only child and the child of a single mom. My father has never really been in my life. Relations have been strained with my extended family so I have never had the large family others have had. I also hate large gatherings because I always feel like a fish out of water. For better or for worse, alcohol helps.

I guess my biggest dislike of holidays is that they all seem contrived and distant to me. Scary things don’t have any appeal and I (somewhat jokingly) said that the only thing I like on Halloween is when my attractive female friends dress up in skimpy costumes and post pictures of them on Facebook and Twitter. I don’t really like turkey so I’m not big on Thanksgiving. Christmas, meh I outgrew receiving presents years ago. Easter? Yawn, I can only eat so many Cadbury Creme Eggs. I just don’t feel a connection to these events and days.

There are somethings I love about some holidays. I love the idea of Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate romance. I love Christmas music, especially the religious carols. I appreciate Thanksgiving as a day to celebrate producers (but I can do without the hype of Black Friday). I enjoy many aspects of Mardi Gras as a celebration of Louisiana’s unique culture.

I guess the reason why I’m such a Scrooge is because I’m looking for something authentic instead of the commercialized hype that holidays have become.

Meanwhile, Happy Halloween!

Abandoning Politics, Rededicating To Principles Friday, Jul 26 2013 

Over the past week I have struggled with whether or not to quit politics and social media. I have clearly become burned out with the “outrage of the day” and political discourse that is little better than the Two Minutes Hate from George Orwell’s 1984.

I have decided to start quitting politics and get back to fighting for principles.

I need to get back to advocating the principles of limited government, federalism and localism, our Constitutionally acknowledged liberties, opposition to social engineering whether from the right or left, and a strong, powerful American defense with a prudent American foreign policy.

More importantly, I need to get back to the concept that we can disagree without being disagreeable. No more joining the outrage brigade or posting things just for shock value.

So, basically less politics and BS and more promoting ideas and principles.

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