Real World Liberty Radio –Episode 1 Monday, Oct 6 2014 

The first ever episode of Real World Liberty radio is up.

This week’s topics:

  1. EEBBBOOOOOLLLLLAAAAA and how we need to calm down about it
  2. Obama’s war against ISIS and how the strategy is failing
  3. What do Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush’s campaigns for president have in common? They’re reasons why we need a new GOP.

Please listen to the debut broadcast HERE and comment on what you think.


Reflections And Gratitude On Turning 30 Thursday, Sep 11 2014 

Today I turn 30 (yeah, I have a hell of a birthday, I know) and it has been an interesting few years. Been married and divorced, nearly lost everything and got it back, trapped in a dead end job and now doing what I ultimately love for a career. I’ve been privileged to meet so many people over the past few years and each one has been a blessing, even if I didn’t think so at the time.

While I’m not exactly thrilled with the fact I am getting older, nor am I exactly thrilled to have grey in my beard, today is a good day to take stock of everything I’m blessed with in my life. Without further ado, here’s a brief list of what all I have been blessed with recently.

  • My mother, I don’t know how much longer I’ll have her and I hate seeing her in so much pain, but truly no one else has stood by me in both good times and bad, although I do not deserve it.
  • This second one is easy, my managing editor Kyle Becker for officially discovering me four months ago and giving me my first big break as a professional writer/blogger/pundit. Also, my editor in chief Bubba Atkinson for accepting Kyle’s suggestion to bring me on board. Thanks a lot for the opportunity and here’s to hopefully many more years of working together.
  • The rest of my colleagues at IJ including Justen Charters, Mike Miller, Michael Hausam, Caroline Schaeffer, Jennifer Van Laar; my copyeditors and social media editors Becca Lower, Emily Hulsey, Bethany Cummings and everyone else behind the scenes at the office who help make IJR a great place to work. If I didn’t name you, thank you as well!
  • Jack Hunter, Ian Cioffi, and Ray Lehmann who are my editors at Rare, Liberty, and R Street Institute respectively. Thanks a lot all three of you for the opportunities I’ve had with your publications. A special shoutout to Zach Graves, the digital director at R Street and former United Liberty colleague, for putting me touch with Ray Lehmann. I also look forward to many more months and years contributing to your sites and publications.
  • To Jason Pye, Eric Cowperthwaite, Julia Porterfield, Fishie and Jay Caruso who have allowed me to write for their sites in the past; thanks a lot for the opportunity. I’ve learned from each of you and I wouldn’t be where I am today without your advice (even if I didn’t take it), your sites, and you taking a chance on me, regardless of how it ultimately turned out.
  • To Doug Mataconis, thank you for your friendship and for being an inspiration to me as a blogger; even when I don’t agree.
  • To Sara Brenner, my stint at Brenner Brief helped set me on course towards becoming a professional writer. For that, I’ll always be grateful. Another special shoutout to P-G Matuszak, BBN’s (former?) managing editor, whose work I had the privilege of editing and has endorsed me on social media with much praise. Thanks for your encouragement.
  • Finally, to each and everyone of you who has read my work, praised it, encouraged me, and/or shared my pieces; thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without you I cannot do what I do. You are the reason why I do this.

There are many of you that I have failed on a personal level, for that I’m sorry. I can only promise to try and right the wrongs and to be a better man.

As I hit this milestone in life, I promise to continue doing my best to entertain you, inform you, and inspire you. I also strive to not disappoint those who believe in me.

Here’s to many, many more years!


It’s official: Everyone who wanted the U.S. to help the Syrian rebels was wrong Wednesday, Aug 27 2014 

Told ya so!

Now we get the entertaining spectacle of the U.S. aligning with Syria and Iran to fight ISIS.

‘Patriarchy isn’t gonna smash itself!’ SlutWalk Chicago brings out feminism’s best [photos, video] Saturday, Aug 23 2014 

Great job feminists…….

Islamic flags, cultural symbols, and why the swastika will never be brought back to its “peaceful” meaning Monday, Aug 18 2014 

Great piece on the New Jersey ISIS flag and reappropriating derogatory cultural symbols.

Police Militarization Sunday, Aug 17 2014 

Great piece on police militarization that you need to read.

The Watchman

This past week the nation has watched on television the events unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri involving the shooting of an African-American teenager by a white police officer. Following this event has been the resultant “days of rage” outbursts by protestors who have demanded justice for the slain black teen. While it is not my intent to go into the details involving the investigation of that incident (That is a separate issue), relevant sub-plots have emerged from this event, among which has been the concept of “Police Militarization.”

Police Militarization is not a new concept. Police forces have long had links with the military that no other civil service can boast of. Among these similarities are: A hierarchical structural ranking system (i.e., Chain of Command), uniforms, and the legal mandate to use coercive force as a means of enforcing laws. Indeed, there are similarities between the two, however there are also…

View original post 1,575 more words

This nutshells the danger of rubber bullet-confusing journo’s reporting in Ferguson Sunday, Aug 17 2014 

We really need reporters who actually know what the hell they’re talking about.

‘Rock bottom’: Deputy chair of Minnesota GOP politicizes Robin Williams’ death Monday, Aug 11 2014 

What an ass

Robin Williams Lived Monday, Aug 11 2014 

Great piece about mental illness and how we can help those who suffer from depression.

Sarah Griffith Lund

Robin Williams lived a life that brought laughter and joy to millions through his comedy and acting.

He died at his home from suicide on Monday, August 11, 2014, at the age 63. He battled a brain disease that included severe depression. Even with treatment, support from loved ones, and a successful career, mental illness still can be a deadly disease.

I remember when I first learned that Robin Williams had a mental illness and I was encouraged by his openness. I loved his work in Good Will Hunting, The Fisher King, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam, and his role as Mork from Mork and Mindy. My favorite work of his was stand-up comedy.

He had a brilliant brain. And he had a brain with a disease. He richly blessed us with his life.

May all of us find ways today to reach out and offer hope to one another…

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Robin Williams And How Depression Affects Us Creatives Monday, Aug 11 2014 


Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams was found today in his California home. He was aged 63. It appears likely he committed suicide.

As I learned the news and did the story on the death for IJ Review, I found that the story was having a deep emotional impact on me. I found it odd because although I realized that Robin Williams is a very talented comedian and a very good actor, he wasn’t a favorite actor of mine. Then I realized when I the likely suicide of Robin Williams hit home, because it reminds me so much of my own struggles with depression.

For those of us who are creative, we tend to feel emotions far more intensely than most normal people do. When we’re happy, we’re very happy and when we’re sad, we’re very sad. We can make others laugh and we can be there for them, but the sad irony is that we can’t help ourselves and pull back the dark veil that is depression. Although we have many fans, we feel all alone in the world.

I have been to the point where I prayed that I didn’t wake the next morning. I have been to the point where I was seriously contemplating to take my own life. Sometimes, the feelings of hopelessness, deep sadness, and the deep emotional loneliness just become overwhelming and all the reassurance in the world just won’t make it better. Some of us just become better at wearing the mask of happiness, or at the very least contentment, in public.

What I found was contributing to my depression was the fact that I was trapped in a dead end occupation and once I was fired from that and began writing full-time and professionally, things began to turn around emotionally. The only thing I worry about is that these good times can come crashing down in an instant. If those of us who were given the gift of creativity are not using to entertain others and make the world a better place, it hurts. In the case of Robin Williams, even being a successful actor and comedian was not enough to soothe the pain and fill the emptiness.

As for Robin Williams, I hope God will realize that he was a sick man and that He will provide him with eternal comfort and love. I also pray that his family finds some measure of peace.

As for those of you who are reading and maybe suffering from depression, please get help. Find someone to talk to, you are not alone. Talk to a trusted friend or a family member and let them help you find help. You are loved and never forget that.


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