Marco Rubio’s Delusions of Grandeur Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 

Today, Senator Marco Rubio outlined his vision for American foreign policy in a speech to the Brookings Institution in Washington. Suffice to say, it is a vision that will have more appeal to Bill Kristol than to Ron Paul. Rubio calls for more involvement in the world, more foreign aid, and more intervention. After reading Rubio’s speech, it is clear that he has not learned anything from the past decade and the foreign policy mistakes of the Bush43 and Obama Administrations.

Rubio first outlines his globalist agenda:

I always start by reminding people that what happens all over the world is our business. Every aspect of our lives is directly impacted by global events. The security of our cities is connected to the security of small hamlets in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Our cost of living, the safety of our food , and the value of the things we invent, make and sell are just a few examples of everyday aspects of our lives that are directly related to events abroad and make it impossible for us to focus only on our issues here are home.

Rubio of course forgets that the 9/11 plot was hatched in the parts of Afghanistan that were under the control of a government, the Taliban.

No foreign policy speech in America would be complete without the prerequisite China bashing:

I still have hope that behind the curtain of secrecy that veils the Chinese state, there are voices who advocate for the peaceful and responsible rise of that nation. Voices that reject the idea that global power is a zero sum game. We hold out hope for a new China of tomorrow, but for now we must deal with the China of today. A China which enjoys its closest relationships with countries such as North Korea and Iran. So, at least for now, it would be foolish to be confident in the idea that China can be counted on to defend and support global economic and political freedom or take up the cause of human rights. And by the way, the rest of the world, especially their neighbors have already figured that out, and they prefer not to take that risk.

Rubio sees the world in Cold War terms as a clash between ideologies, not the way the world really is. China’s interests in North Korea are that it sees North Korea as a buffer state to Japan, South Korea, and the US. China’s relationship with Iran (along with Sudan) is simply in the context that Iran has lots of oil and China needs a supplier that the US can’t cut off militarily or through diplomatic pressure. For that same reason, China has been improving its relations with Canada and Venezuela.

Rubio calls for the removal of the Assad regime in Syria:

The goal of preventing a dominant Iran is so important that every regional policy we adopt should be crafted with that overriding goal in mind. The current situation in Syria is an example of such an approach. The fall of Assad would be a significant blow to Iran’s ambitions. On those grounds alone, we should be seeking to help the people of Syria bring him down.

Once again, we would be involved in a situation where we remove a regime that has not committed any acts of aggression against the United States or against American interests, just like the recent Libyan misadventure. Given our financial condition, another “regime change” operation would probably not be wise.

Rubio also believes that democracy will solve most of the world’s problems. Plus in his speech he calls for more foreign aid to wipe out hunger and disease, takes a Cold War style, adversarial stance towards Russia, Venezuela, in addition to China and Iran; and calls for a “a strong energy partnership with Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and a post-Chavez Venezuela” for what amounts to a Western Hemisphere energy cartel.

Finally, some telling passages in the speech:

And I disagree with voices in my own party who argue we should not engage at all. Who warn we should heed the words of John Quincy Adams not to go “abroad, in search of monsters to destroy”.

I disagree because all around us we see the human face of America’s influence in the world. It actually begins with not just our government, but our people. Millions of people have been the catalyst of democratic change in their own countries. But they never would have been able to connect with each other if an American had not invented Twitter.

The atrocities of Joseph Kony would still be largely unknown. But in fact, millions now know because an American filmmaker made a short film about it and then distributed it on another American invention YouTube.

Rubio clearly sees trade and even simple “people to people” contact as weapons, instead of what they are, people mutually agreeing to do business with one another because they can fulfill a need for each other. In fact, the best way to guarantee peace is to have open and free trade between nations. As Frederic Bastiat once said, “when goods don’t cross border, armies will”.

Rubio styles himself as a limited government conservative who generally opposes government intervention domestically. However, like many conservatives, he is willing to abandon his limited government principles when applying them to foreign policy. Senator Rubio would never support government healthcare but he supports programs overseas to increase vaccination and fight disease. Rubio opposes welfare programs here at home but he supports programs to fight hunger overseas. Rubio would never support using the government to transform society here in America but he supports a Bush43 style democratization agenda abroad. Rubio and other conservatives need to realize that excessive interventionism abroad will have the same results as excessive interventionism here at home, statism and economic ruin.


Free Advice For Mitt Romney Tuesday, Apr 17 2012 

Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee, unless he’s caught with a dead, Muslim, illegal immigrant boy. He will have the difficult task of facing Barack Obama in November. It is no secret that I have my differences with Governor Romney, however for the sake of wanting Barack Obama gone in November, I would like to offer him some free advice.

First thing you need to do Mitt is shut up about the sports team owners you know. We know you’re rich and successful in business, but the problem is, Obama is sending out his class warfare zombies in droves. They will use your success as their best weapon against you. Their goal is to paint you as out of touch with the American people. Also, along those lines, shut up about your dog and his road trip on the roof of your car.

Second piece of advice, be bold on the economy and fiscal policy. Be specific about your proposals and don’t be afraid to defend them. Don’t sugarcoat the fiscal problems we are facing. Propose bold tax reform including a flatter tax with a lot fewer deductions and credits. Eliminate a department or two. Propose real spending cuts and entitlement reform and more importantly, sell it. Outline a free market approach to healthcare as a replacement to Obamacare. Finally, start going after the Federal Reserve by supporting an audit of it.

Third, take a page from the Obama playbook. Set up a version of their “Fight the Smears” web page that they set up in 2008. Eventually Obama and his surrogates will drag the Mormon religion in this race and there needs to be something to address the nonsense they will be putting out.

Fourth, stay out of the social issues trap. The left will try to bring up abortion, gay marriage, birth control, and Lord knows what else to try and change the narrative. Yes, address the issues when they come up but don’t let the media trip up the message. The message needs to be about the economy and jobs first.

Fifth, when you pick your vice president, go for an experienced governor and run an anti-Washington campaign.

Finally, have fun and be yourself. Many Americans are not sheep and know when you’re full of BS. Also, your family is your best asset, let’s see them a lot.


Launching A New Gun Blog, Contributors Needed Friday, Apr 13 2012 

In the next few weeks or so, I will be launching a new gun blog, tentatively called “The Young Gunners”. The blog will be targeted at young people, generally between the ages of 18-40.

The blog will feature gun reviews and news, coverage of 2nd Amendment issues, shooting tips, and other related issues.

I want this to be a group blog, so I do need contributors for it. The only two criteria are 1) have a background in writing and 2) be a gun owner.

If you’re interested, please contact me on Twitter or on Facebook

Why I Am A Gun Owner And You Should Be Too Monday, Apr 9 2012 

I spent my Easter at a shooting range about an hour west of my home. My wife had to work and I did not have plans to see family, so had some extra time to occupy myself with. I decided to put that extra time to use breaking a shotgun I purchased about a month for home defense. While my shoulder handled the 2 1/2 inch target shells pretty well, the 3 inch magnum 00 buckshot I shot pretty much made it raw. While on my way to and from the range is a drive down a Mississippi country highway that takes me through mostly timberland and cattle country. While on that drive I got to thinking why I love guns so much. Was it because I liked the sensation and the sounds and smells of an explosion? If it was, I can get that thrill by using fireworks and I don’t buy fireworks. While I do enjoy shooting, the enjoyment alone obviously can’t be the reason why. I’m also not a hunter, so obviously that’s not why I own guns. The reason why I own firearms is simply because I can.

All throughout history, what has distinguished a free man from a slave or even a subject is the ability to possess and own weapons, or as the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution puts it, “to keep and bear arms”. You’re probably asking yourself, “how is this relevant in an age of tanks, drones, jet fighters, and other high-tech weapons?” Well, all those fancy weapons are controlled by people and all people die just the same once you strip away all the fancy technology. There are numerous examples of that in the 20th and already in the 21st century from France to Afghanistan. Subduing a free people, especially a well-armed people, is still very difficult.

Now the three types of guns you should own are; a .22 Long Rifle caliber weapon for simple and cheap marksmanship practice, a home and/or self defense weapon(s), and a militia duty weapon (aka a homeland security rifle).

The .22 caliber weapon is a must for any gun owner and as a matter of fact, it should be your first gun. Ammunition is cheap, usually less than $20 for a brick of 550 rounds or so. Both rifles and pistols are manufactured in that caliber. It is not only a good, cheap caliber with low recoil to learn how to shoot with, but you can also use a .22 to hunt small game such as rabbits and squirrels and for pest control in rural areas.

The next one on the list is a home and/or self defense weapon. For home defense, the best option in my humble opinion is a 12 gauge shotgun, either pump or semi-auto. However, a double barrel “coach gun” type works just as well and .410 bore also works well, with lighter recoil than the 12 gauge. I’m not too familiar with self-defense shells for 16 or 20 gauge to say anything either way. In addition, a handgun works well enough in a home defense situation and if you can get a model that is easily concealed, you’re really winning. I strongly urge my readers that choose to carry concealed weapons to please research and follow all applicable state and local laws.

Finally, there is your militia service weapon or your homeland security weapon. Yes, I am using the dirty “m” word and here’s why, because it’s appropriate for this type of weapon. Thanks to the outstanding propaganda effort by the so-called mainstream media, most people when they hear the word “militia” think of a bunch of anti-government, white supremacist nutjobs running around in fatigues espousing conspiracy theories and running around with guns. While these so-called “organized” groups do exist (and you should stay away from them, by the way, for many reasons), that is not what a militia is. A militia is simply an armed, volunteer body of men and women defending their community and country in a time of crisis. We have had the militia all throughout American history and they were generally under state and local control until 1903 when the National Guard created. The reason for having a militia are for arranging local defense in a Katrina-type situation when law and order have broken down.

Now what are “homeland security rifles”? They are semi-automatic, high magazine capacity rifles such as the AR-15 and its clones, the AK-47 and all of its derivatives, the FN FAL clones, and many other types of rifles on the market today. Another good choice is the M1 Garand which is an eight-shot capacity rifle used by the US during World War II and available through the Civilian Marksmanship Program. If you cannot afford these weapons, a military surplus bolt action rifle or even a .30-3o lever action rifle will suffice.

To answer the question why I own guns is to me, they are as much of a civic duty of citizenship as voting. It demonstrates that I am willing to be self-sufficient and I am willing to help protect my community and nation and my fellow Americans like a sheepdog guards the herd of sheep against the predators. Just as some people should not vote, gun ownership is not for everyone. If you choose to exercise that right, you have a moral obligation to train with your weapons and teach your household gun safety. But if you do exercise your right to keep and bear arms, you will become a freer and more self-reliant citizen, instead of a subject of the state.

2012 Elections: Forget the President, It’s Congress That Matters Tuesday, Apr 3 2012 

It appears that the 2012 race for President is all but set. Mitt Romney will very likely win the Republican nomination and he will face Barack Obama in November. For those of us concerned about restoring liberty, the rule of law and the  Constitution, and getting a grips on our debt and economic crisis; this is not a joyous prospect. Neither man has a record of leadership on those issues and in fact, both men have proven time and time again to be advocates of more government, more spending, and more debt. No matter who is elected President, I’m not optimistic that our serious issues, especially concerning the debt and the economy will be addressed. We need to look elsewhere to at least hold the tide against more spending and more debt. We need to really pour our energies into the Congressional elections and electing more Constitutional conservatives and libertarians.

Every even numbered year, we have the chance to change the entire makeup of the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate. Imagine what kind of difference we can make if we elected Constituional conservative majority in the House and give Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee some more company in the Senate this go around. The only way to do that is get involved. Find a Constitutional conservative candidate in the primaries and back them and volunteer for them. If there isn’t one in your district, consider running yourself. Granted, it maybe too late in many states to do this for 2012, but consider it for 2014.

Why is Congress more important than the President? Because, according to the Constitution, that is where all legislation is crafted and passed. It is also the place where budgets (back when we actually had them) were agreed to and money was spent. The President is supposed to have very limited powers, but it has been allowed to expand its powers because Congress has failed to do its job for nearly 80 years and ceded more and more powers to the Executive Branch. The first acts of a Constitutional conservative majority in Congress need to be to uphold its powers under the Constitution and reassert itself as the only branch of the government that makes law. All the Executive Branch does is sign or veto the legislation and then enforce it, not create law by executive fiat through regulations from unaccountable bureaucrats.

In order the change the path our country is on, we have to change Congress. We have to get rid of the earmarkers, the porkers, the spendaholics, the nannies, the statists, the crooks, and the other trash who infest it. Then and only then, can we start saving our country.

2012 will not be the end, the beginning of the end, or even the end of the beginning of the fight to restore liberty to our country. It will only be the beginning of a process that will take place over many election cycles to roll back the size and scope of the bi-partisan progressive state. We have to get in the battlefield using our best talents given to us by God and get in this fight to free our country. More importantly, we have to get in the battlefield where we can do the most damage to the enemy and press home our attack, that is in the fight for Congress.


Why I Support Barack Obama’s Reelection Sunday, Apr 1 2012 

Those of you who read this blog might be under the impression that I’m some kind of a conservative whackjob, or even a libertarian whackjob. That’s just simply stereotyping me and it’s not fair. In fact, you’re even wrong and here’s why. I support the reelection of our great, wonderful, and outstanding president, Barack Obama.

I believe trillion dollar budget deficits for as far as the eye can see is brilliant economic policy. “Yes we can” have it all. We can have universal health care for everybody, keep a vast military presence on the four corners of the Earth, unemployment checks for life, bailouts for all industries, green jobs, protect entitlements for seniors, and wealth for everybody. If the money runs out, all we have to do is print some more. Everybody wins!

Just as brilliant is our president’s tax plans. He plans on soaking on those evil bastards who make over $250,000 a year with higher taxes. After all, things like hard work and owning small businesses that create jobs are not fair. He will make all Americans pay their fair share!

I also like how our president has led on civil liberties. Except for his war on medical marijuana, his flip-flopping on closing Gitmo, signing the NDAA which permits the indefinite detention of American citizens, classifying conservatives and libertarians as “domestic terrorists”, experimenting with ways to implement gun bans, and other minor things; he has done a heck of a job.

Finally, I like the fact he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He then preceded to earn it by sticking to President George W. Bush’s timeline of withdrawal in Iraq. He followed that up by expanding our military presence in Afghanistan. In addition, he has authorized drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, and many other countries, known and unknown. Finally, in his most crowning achievement for world peace and without consulting the United States Congress as required by the Constitution, he led a war in Libya which removed Gaddafi from power and empowered various local tribal chieftains and gangsters to replace him. This last reason should be a good libertarian reason to support Obama because there is the possibility that a good anarcho-capitalist paradise might develop in Libya just like in Somalia before those bastards from the Islamic Courts council had to go and ruin it.

I hope all of you will join me in supporting our President’s reelection. Thank you and God Bless America.

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