I thank God everyday I do not live in the State of California. Sure the climate is nice, but the quality of life is pure crap. From the smog of Los Angeles to the high cost of living to the nanny statism that seems to infect every aspect of government in that state, California is no place for most sane people. The politics on the state level are even worse than the dysfunctional, authoritarian politics that are common place locally. The question is not whether or not the state will eventually need a bailout from the Federal government, but when. It is the highest taxed state in the Union and probably the most incompetently governed. Instead of tackling the deep fiscal problems of the state, the California State Assembly has instead made it easier to commit vote fraud on Election Day.

Californians who forgot to register for next week’s election may have better luck next time if a bill passed by the Assembly becomes law.

AB1436 would allow people to register to vote at any time, including on Election Day.

Assemblyman Mike Feuer, a Democrat from Los Angeles, said he wrote the bill to address the state’s chronically low voter participation rate.

So if you are too lazy to register to vote two weeks before an election in California (which is the case now), you can register on Election Day. If someone does not show the civic initiative and the decency to care about the political process to be a registered voter before an election, why should they be allowed to register and vote on Election Day? This will lead to demagogues going around and scaring uninformed voters to the polls to cast uninformed ballots thereby canceling out the votes of voters who bothered to research the candidates and issues. I fail to see how this helps the democratic process.

Not only will there be issues with uniformed voters tampering with the election process, this creates an invitation to fraud. If I was a political activist in a state with same day voter registration, I would be collecting every name possible from the cemeteries, every illegal alien I can find, and every old looking teenager I can find and arranging for them to go to the polling place. I would register them because there is absolutely no way their identities or residences can be verified before they cast a ballot. Suffice to say, this will be a logistical nightmare for already overworked election officials and volunteers.

Progressives love it of course. This is not about “increasing voter participation” as they like to claim. If they were serious voters, they would actually take the time to register to vote before Election Day. In most states, you can do it at the DMV or by mail. Instead, progressives love it because it is another way to ensure that every election will result in an increase in state power. All they have to is demagogue and threaten the loss of state benefits if the opposition wins. Then they can use their superior “Get Out The Vote” operations to shuttle everyone from the homeless to every weirdo imaginable to flood the polling places, vote as they’re told, and paid afterwards in everything from cigarettes to actual cash. The result in those cases will almost always lead to victories for candidates who will expand the power and role of the state in the citizens’ lives.

What we need to do instead of schemes to encourage vote fraud is to take measures to prevent it. A couple of these are strict, well publicized photo ID requirements to vote and replacing and/or supplementing absentee ballots with in person early voting.