The war for the heart and soul and the liberty movement has begun. The first shots were fired when Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney for president and Ron Paul admitted his campaign was not likely to be successful. Many libertarians proceeded to denounce Rand Paul as a statist and a sellout (despite his outstanding record in the Senate). While other libertarians understood the politics of Rand’s decision. They understood that Rand Paul, as a GOP Senator, had to endorse the party’s nominee if he wanted to advance his political career, and in help give the liberty movement more respect in the GOP.  Frankly, this civil war is long overdue because it has been time to get rid of the movement’s dead weight.


Most of the opposition to the Rand Paul endorsement has come from the lunatic wing of the libertarian movement. It is a very good thing that Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones, and their fellow travelers now hate Rand Paul. These two are the biggest promoters and enablers of the biggest cancers infesting the libertarian movement. They include the conspiracy kooks, the 9/11 truthers, the “no compromise” crowd, anarcho-capitalists, and other misfits who unfortunately give the public the impression that libertarians are insane. Hopefully, they will get out of the political process entirely or migrate over the Libertarian Party and destroy it or make it even more irrelevant than it already is.


The rest of us will actually begin to undertake the hard work necessary to promote liberty in this country. We will use the political process to start undoing decades of statism. We will recruit credible candidates for offices, from the local level all the way up to highest levels in the Federal government. We will study the techniques of winning elections and implement them to get elect liberty candidates elected. We will be respectful of our opponents, open minded towards our allies, and professional and respectful towards the public at large. We will compromise when we need to advance the cause of liberty. Ultimately, we will be victorious and roll back the size and scope of the state in the lives of individuals.


This infighting and division in the movement is badly needed because frankly, the wackos were dragging the whole movement down. They need to go so the rest of us can have more credibility and actually advance the liberty movement. We’ll leave the kooks to promote their kookery, do their sign waves, and shout every few years.