If you follow the European Parliament or British politics, you probably know who Nigel Farage is. If not, here’s a recent video of an interview he did earlier this week for Fox Business Channel.

To say Nigel is blunt is an understatement. He also has a reputation for a guy who loves a good drink or two, a good cigarette, and a good time in general. He’s not the typical stiff and dull politician. Nigel is one of the reason’s why his party, the UK Independence Party, consistently overtakes the Liberal Democrats in the polls as Britain’s third party and the rise of his party has Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party extremely worried heading into the 2015 elections.

Why can’t we have a Nigel Farage here in the US? He’s not only a colorful character, but he also, as they say, speaks truth to power. The closest thing we have in the US to Nigel is probably Ron Paul, but he’s a terrible communicator to be honest.

If we had someone like Nigel here in the US, they would be crucified when they started telling the truth about how broke we are as nation. That our entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare are not sustainable in the long term. We also cannot afford to be the world’s policeman while building and enlarging a massive welfare state. Our homeland security state that we have been since 9/11 violates the basic civil liberties this country was founded on and is not keeping Americans safe. Any politician who says these things would be crucified by the mainstream media, the Ruling Class and their lobbyist allies on K Street, and various special interest groups.

Finally, how about this for the creed of a major American party:

“We believe in the minimum necessary government which defends individual freedom, supports those in real need, takes as little of our money as possible and doesn’t interfere in our lives.”

That happens to be the creed of UKIP. If a British major party can be unapologetically for individual liberty, why can’t an American one?

Who will step up and be America’s Nigel Farage, a political rogue fighting for liberty?