Ron Paul’s presidential campaign is now for all intents and purposes over. The Paul campaign failed to capture a majority of Nebraska’s delegates to the GOP convention. The Paul campaign will not have the five states they were trying to get to force a nomination on the floor. Now, liberty activists need to move on prepare for future battles ahead, especially since Ron Paul is retiring this year from Congress. Here’s my advice for liberty activists going forward:

1) Be Respectful and Accept Defeat Graciously

Don’t cause a scene at the GOP convention in Tampa next month. Mitt Romney will leave Tampa as the official GOP nominee. He won the majority of Republican party primary voters and is the clear choice of most rank and file Republicans. I’m not saying Ron Paul supporters should support Mitt Romney, that is the choice of every supporter individually. I’m just saying accept the reality that Mitt Romney won the GOP nomination (mostly) fair and square.

2) Don’t Quit Politics

Now is not the time to quit politics. It is time to become liberty activists and not just Ron Paul supporters. The fight for liberty takes place every day from the town council to Congress. We need to organize, network, and start advancing the cause of liberty. We also need to learn the basics of political campaigning such as canvassing and phone banking. The best way to learn about political campaigning is to actually do it.

3) Concentrate on Congress

Congress is what makes the laws. We need to pour our energies in replacing big spending, anti-freedom members of Congress and defend the friends of liberty that are already there. We also need to raise money and put boots on the ground to help our candidates win. Ultimately, the contest for President is a beauty contest. The powers of a president are actually very limited without a friendly Congress.

Ron Paul maybe leaving the political arena, but the liberty movement should not die with his political career. We just need to regroup and focus on the battles ahead.