Mitt Romney is the midst of a foreign trip to Great Britain, Israel, and Poland. The purpose of the trip to try and demonstrate to the American people that Romney is up to the foreign policy challenges that he may face. Suffice to say, the trip is already not going well for Romney.

If only Mitt Romney could turn the Olympic torch on the newspaper headlines in London.

He’s the “Party Pooper” in the Daily Mail, “Nowhere Man” in the Times of London and “Mitt the Twit” in The Sun.

This was not the storyline Romney and his team wanted when they journeyed overseas for a trip designed to burnish the GOP contender’s foreign policy credentials.

Romney has yet to publicly acknowledge the outrage he set off in London when he appeared to question the city’s “disconcerting” problems in gearing up for the Olympic Games.

It appears the latest Obama policy that Mitt Romney will be continuing if elected is the “leave no ally uninsulted” foreign policy. The British people are rightfully angry at what they see is a foreigner telling them how they should be running their Olympic games. It’s not tactful to say the least to go on foreign soil and tell them how to run their country.

For what its worth, I don’t think this will have much of an impact on the 2012 election, let alone British-American relations. Romney should be able to recover with his trip to Israel, right. Well, he would’ve been able to until Obama punked him earlier today.

President Barack Obama signed a measure on Friday to strengthen U.S.-Israeli military ties, a move that could score points with American Jewish voters on the eve of Republican rival Mitt Romney’s highly publicized visit to Israel.

Obama also used the White House bill-signing ceremony to announce he was releasing $70 million in approved funding for Israel’s short-range rocket shield known as “Iron Dome,” a project backed strongly by the powerful U.S. pro-Israel lobby.

His reaffirmation of an “unshakeable commitment” to Israel’s security appeared timed to upstage Romney, who has accused the president of undermining Washington’s relationship with its No. 1 partner in the Middle East.

Oh well. There’s still that stop in Poland.

On a more serious note, this shows that the Romney campaign needs to get serious about foreign policy. Almost every time they have waded into it, they have appeared amateurish, at best. If Obama is successful in turning the 2012 election into a choice instead of a referendum on his failed administration, he will have ammunition to say Romney is not ready for prime time.

I write this not because I want Obama reelected, I don’t. I just want to make sure when and if Obama gets sent back to Chicago, we’re not merely trading one incompetent boob for another. There is time for the Romney campaign to get serious about foreign policy and I hope they take advantage of it.