Since the defeat of the Republican Party last month in the elections by our glorious Dear Ruler Barack Obama, many questions are being asked about the Republican Party and by extension the conservative movement. One of the first questions that comes up is how the Republican Party and maybe conservatism itself has to change in order to be competitive in future elections. The future of conservatism is to return to the first principles of limited government, Federalism, and individual liberty. The key to that is by embracing constitutional conservatism.

Constitutional conservatism is what exactly what it says, governing according to the Constitution. Constitutional conservatives like myself believe that the powers of the Federal government are limited, especially by Article 1, Section 8. There is no Constitutional justification for things like the Department of Education, food stamps, Obamaphones, nutrition guidelines and the vast majority of the other things the Federal government does. The Federal government exceeding its Constitutional limits is why we run annual deficits of over $1 trillion and have a national debt of around $16 trillion. The most logical way to bring down the deficit or better yet eliminate it without resorting to job killing tax increases is to eliminate all unconstitutional spending.

While we respect the entire Constitution and the Bill of Rights, constitutional conservatives also strongly believe in the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, not because we want to return to Jim Crow or some other nonsense the many on the left believe, but because we know what the priorities, needs, and values of Alabama and California are different from each other. One size fits all is usually not a good approach to public policy. Hot button issues such as abortion and gay marriage and even less controversial things such as education are best left to the governments that are closest to the people and therefore more accountable to them. On Federal level, this means rejecting both left-wing nanny statists like Michelle Obama and social issue crusaders like Rick Santorum.

Finally, a Constitutional foreign policy is one that puts America first and abides by the Constitution. We believe in a strong national defense, but we also reject the notion that America must be the world’s policeman. If we must go to war, it must be to do defend the nation itself or protect one of our nation’s vital interests. Congress must declare war or at the very least authorize it in accordance with the Constitution. As for foreign aid, all that we ask is for countries like Egypt, Libya, and Pakistan hate us for free instead of being paid to hate us. Finally, constitutional conservatives realize that the cesspool that is the United Nations cannot be reformed. Instead, the United States should withdraw from that despicable organization and throw them out of New York City.

By returning to constitutional principles, conservatism can become politically competitive again and present a clear alternative to the totalitarian progressive left.