Its that time of year when I take a stab at guessing what will happen in the new year. Just like always, I will take a stab at national politics, international politics, the economy, and sports.

Here’s how I did last year.


*There will be a “fiscal cliff” deal by the end of January. Clinton era tax rates return for those that make over $300-$400k, while everyone else will pay tax rates higher than Bush era tax rates but lower than Clinton era tax rates. The automatic cuts will be postponed to later years.

*There will be a debt ceiling fight. America’s credit worthiness will be downgraded. Ultimately, the debt ceiling will be raised with no real spending cuts or entitlement reforms.

*No gun control legislation will pass this year on the Federal level. However, the left will embark on a cultural campaign against gun ownership in general.

*Minor filibuster reform will be enacted in the Senate and will be largely limited to Presidential appointments and budgetary issues.

*Chris Cristie is reelected governor of New Jersey and Terry McCauliffe is elected governor of Virginia.

*There will be a significant terrorist attack on US soil.

*Gay marriage becomes legal in Illinois.

*Proposition 8 in California is struck down by the Supreme Court on very narrow grounds that would apply on to that particular case.

*At least one state abolishes the death penalty.

*John Kerry will be confirmed as Secretary of State, but Chuck Hagel will be denied Secretary of Defense.


*Japan begins to rearm and becomes more aggressive with China.

*North Korea will create an incident with South Korea that will raise tensions but will ultimately die back down after a month or two.

*NATO forces strike Syria and force Bashir Assad from power.

*Hugo Chavez finally dies and makes his voyage to Hell.

*The European Union continues on the path towards centralizing into a superstate, while anti-EU parties do well in various national elections.

*Netanyahu reelected as Israeli Prime Minister

*Hezbollah launches attacks on Israel and Israel invades Lebanon.

*Mexico’s drug war winds down as the new PRI government starts paying off all sides.

*There will be no attack on Iran.

*The UN intervention in Mali successfully drives Islamists out of northern Mali.


*Oil tests $200 a barrel in the summer.

*US goes back into recession due to the “fiscal cliff” and higher taxes.

*China begins to go into recession.

*Gold prices remain largely flat.

*Unemployment hovers around 8% while real unemployment continues around 15-20%.


*NHL 2012-13 season is cancelled due to the lockout

*Denver Broncos defeat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl

*Alabama wins the BCS National Championship

*Manchester United wins the English Premier League

*New York Yankees win the World Series