I love pizza. To me there is nothing better than the combination of tangy pepperoni, pizza sauce, gooey mozzarella cheese, and crust to put in my mouth. I could have pizza everyday if I could.

With the “Big Game” coming up and being inspired by this article, here’s what I think are the best pizzas from the leading national delivery brands.

1) Papa John’s

I know some people don’t like the sweet sauce, but I do. In fact, I think the sauce makes the pizza. I also like the cheese and toppings. The crust is alright.

2) Dominos

The best part of this pizza is the crust. The crust is flavorful and light. The sauce is tangy but also delicious. The cheese is also good and has a kick to it. The toppings are alright.

3) Pizza Hut

I have not had a chance to try to the new hand tossed pizzas they have come out with. The old crust was thick, but I liked it. The toppings were good, but the sauce and cheese were unremarkable. But my biggest complaint is that the pizzas were too greasy.

4) Little Caesars

The best that can be said about this is that the Hot and Ready is cheap at $5-$6. The sauce is virtually non-existant as is the cheese. The toppings are unremarkable. This pizza is for someone who is too lazy to heat up a frozen pizza and it has the feel and taste of a frozen pizza.

What do you think? Agree or disagree. Sound off in the comments!