For those of you living under a rock, Belle Knox is the porn name of a 18 year old woman who is an undergrad student at Duke University. She has generated some controversy after she was outed by a classmate for her job. In addition, the kind of porn she made is of a…hardcore nature and involves things like rape fantasies. I won’t link to the video or describe the exact acts that she performed.

Here are my thoughts on the situation:

1) The people who are attacking her for the type of porn she does and alleging that she and those who enjoy it are mentally ill need to stop. Studies show the exact opposite actually. To each their own.

2) Having said that, I do find it ironic and hypocritical that many of the radical feminists who complain about “rape culture” are rushing to defend this woman. Either “rape culture” is a real problem or it’s not, you can’t have it both ways.

3) The only thing more annoying than the people who are say those are into kinky sex are mentally ill are the self-righteous left-libertarians who are outraged that people disapprove of this woman. It is okay to not support banning something while morally disapproving of it. I do not smoke cigarettes and I would persuade anyone I know who does to quit smoking (they nearly killed my mom for starters), but I would not support a ban on tobacco. It is a consistent position.

We all need to live and let live. I’m not Belle Knox’s dad or older brother, but I admit, I would not like it if my daughter or sister did porn. But I don’t have either.

To each their own.