Note: I’m not talking any specific publications, this is not meant to be an expose

As an editor for someone else’s publication, you are called on to edit pieces you don’t agree with. Sometimes, you receive pieces that you strongly disagree with. As an editor, I have a tough call in front of me. Do I edit this piece to the best of my ability or do I spike it or do a terrible job editing it?

Since I edit for someone else, I usually cannot for content. Only the publisher/editor in chief can make the decision on content. Plus as a writer, I tend to only write for sites that allow me to write whatever I want. As an editor, I feel bound to give the same courtesy to my writers.

The best way for me to handle a piece I disagree is to first and foremost do the best job editing it. Secondly, once it’s published, if it’s a disagreement I feel strongly about, I will comment in the public comments section highlighting my disagreements.

I don’t like spiking pieces based on content or trying to take editorial control of a writer’s piece. I have written at publications with an overly hands on editor and I did not enjoy it. I felt hampered as a writer.

All in all as an editor, I must respect the free speech of my writers while at the same time, I still reserve the right to publicly disagree with them.