Real World Liberty Radio –Episode 1 Monday, Oct 6 2014 

The first ever episode of Real World Liberty radio is up.

This week’s topics:

  1. EEBBBOOOOOLLLLLAAAAA and how we need to calm down about it
  2. Obama’s war against ISIS and how the strategy is failing
  3. What do Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush’s campaigns for president have in common? They’re reasons why we need a new GOP.

Please listen to the debut broadcast HERE and comment on what you think.


New Brenner Brief: Lindsey Graham Cronyism Friday, Mar 21 2014 

My latest column at Brenner Brief details the latest cronyism from South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. This time, he’s going to bat for casino magnate Sheldon Adelson after Adelson hosted a fundraiser for him in Las Vegas last year.

Read it here.

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