Don’t Let Florida Become Crown Heights South Saturday, Mar 31 2012 

In 1770, there was an incident in colonial Boston where British soldiers fired on American protestors, who were throwing rocks and snowballs at them. The press of the day and Patriot propagandists labeled the incident “The Boston Massacre” and spun the events as a deliberate attack on American civilians by the British. The colonial government put the nine British soldiers involved in trial and John Adams, a Patriot who later became our second President, volunteered to defend the soldiers. Eventually, seven of the nine soldiers were acquitted and two were convicted of manslaughter but acquitted of murder. The lesson of that incident is that after a proper investigation, the facts are usually not as clear cut as it first appears. However, if the Boston Massacre happened today, all nine British soldiers and John Adams would be hanging from the nearest lamppost before charges were even levied.

Unless you are living under a rock, you will know by now that George Zimmerman has shot and killed Trayvon Martin in the town of Sanford, Florida. Since that has happened, the mainstream media has been whipping up a frenzy by hyping the story, claiming Martin was killed because Zimmerman is a racist and the racist Sanford, FL police department has been helping cover it up. Now, Fat Al $harpton and Je$$e Jackass have gotten involved, along with the rest of the civil rights industry demanding George Zimmerman be arrested. Forget the fact that there are state and Federal investigations ongoing and that nobody really knows what happened that night. We also need to forget that in the American system, guilt has to be proven beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt. The civil rights industry and guilty white liberals want Zimmerman arrested for something, or they will cause civil disobedience and incite riots. To hell with the rule of law and the principle of innocence until proven guilty.

I do not know what happened the night Trayvon Martin died and unless you were there, you don’t know either. That is why we have investigations and if the evidence suggests that Zimmerman did something illegal, then and only then should he be arrested and put on trial, if the jury and/or prosecutor believe there is enough evidence. Only then can he go on trial and have the right to confront his accusers and be judged by a jury of his peers and only if there is enough evidence of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, he should be convicted and punished accordingly. It is not the job of the mainstream media and the civil rights industry, especially led by Fat Al “Crown Heights” $harpton and Je$$e Jackass to whip up a lynch mob and deliver vigilante justice. The way George Zimmerman has been treated is simply un-American.

What is even more disgusting is the actions of celebrities like Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr who have Tweeted the personal information of George Zimmerman and his parents including their addresses. The #KillZimmerman Tweeters have in addition to calling for the deaths of the Zimmerman family, have begun to call for the deaths of those who condemn the #KillZimmerman crowd. Just this week, I had my personal information posted on Twitter when I called them out on it. All decent people, regardless of race and political affiliation, should be appalled by these terrorist tactics.

It is easy to defend against  injustice when a popular person or group is the victim of it. For those of us who love liberty, we have an obligation to stand against injustice, even when the person we defend is villanized and especially when it makes us uncomfortable and may even bring physical harm to ourselves and our loved ones.


Absolution For Guilty White Liberals Tuesday, Mar 13 2012 

I’m sure you have seen or seen discussed the propaganda film “Kony 2012”. The creators of the film, which is the most viewed propaganda film since the last Michael Moore movie, is a Tranzi organization called Invisible Children. Basically their whole goal is to encourage US military involvement in Africa to catch Joseph Kony and destroy the Lord’s Resistance Army. Many celebrities like Rihanna and US soccer star Landon Donovan have jumped on board the campaign. Meanwhile many keyboard activists have taken to Twitter and Facebook to talk about the need to “Stop Kony”.¬† I’ll let others make the case against US involvement. However the main point of this whole “Stop Kony” is for guilty white and rich progressives to purge their consciences and engage in their meaningless rituals of penance with other peoples’ money and resources.

Most progressive activists have a guilty conscience. They’re sorry about slavery, racism, hunger in Africa, human rights abuses, Native Americans, capitalism, imperialism, etc. ad infinitum. This guilt has led to their loathing of individual freedom and national sovereignty. The modern progressive activist normally doesn’t consider the issues logically, instead they just feel and cry for the right causes and wear the right colored ribbons (which for the “Stop Kony” campaign should be brown for bullshit) and attend the odd protest. Typically they indulge in things as a means to soothe their guilt. In 2008 we saw a major example of this with the election of Barack Obama, in spite of the fact he had no serious platform to speak of. We saw a far bloodier example with the War in Libya last year where US warplanes, with minor contributions from European and Arab “allies”, bombed Libya and helped remove Gaddafi from power.¬† The Libyan adventure was not in American national interests and was dare I say, illegal under the US Constitution, but it made guilty white rich liberals and neo-cons happy. This guilt is going to get people killed all around the world and will make us poorer, therefore I, Kevin Boyd with the power vested by myself, must absolve all progressives the world over of all guilt for well….everything.

I hereby absolve you for slavery, racism, sexism, homophobia, religious bigotry, capitalism, misogyny, imperialism, etc. ad infinitum. I absolve for you all sins, named and unnamed and unknown, committed by Europeans and their descendents. I require no further penance and/or confessions. I just require you to learn to following truths:

There will always be rich people and poor people. That is just human nature.

Some people will also hate other people based on skin color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and really for any reason. Again, this is just human nature.

Buying products from Third World countries and helping them exploit resources is not “stealing”, it is trade. They have things we want and we give them things they want to help improve their living standards.

People all around the world have different values and different ways of governing themselves and that’s okay. We should be all free to govern our own nations as we see fit, not defer to professional Tranzi NGOs who ride around in air-conditioned white SUVs telling the world how great they are and the UN. Government should be as close to the governed as possible.

Finally, this one will be hard for many to accept but you cannot stop poverty, killing, and general uncivilized behavior all time, around the world. There are bad people everywhere and the United States cannot afford to be the world’s policeman anymore with our massive debt, nor should we. This could lead to the a neo-imperialism based on good intentions.

Now that you have been absolved, take these lessons to heart and go and sin no more.


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